NCAA League and Team Logos must not be used, marketed or promoted in a way that suggests, creates or implies:

(a) any official or commercial association with the NCAA or an NCAA Institution where no such association exists; or

(b) that the relevant Licensee or publication is recommended, approved or endorsed by the NCAA or an NCAA Institution or

(c) that the Licensee is or are an official source of NCAA.

Subject to the foregoing:

(i) third-party advertisements or promotions which feature on an editorial-content page containing NCAA Logos are permitted. However, advertising should remain clearly distinct and separate to any editorial piece to avoid any undue NCAA association.

The NCAA’s advertising and promotional guidelines are designed to encourage those advertisements and advertisers that support the NCAA’s ideals and exclude those advertisements and advertisers (and others who wish to associate with NCAA activities) that do not appear to be in the best interests of higher education and student-athletes.

The NCAA believes, at a minimum, that advertisements, advertisers and others who wish to be associated with NCAA events should not:

  • Cause harm to student-athlete health, safety and welfare.
  • Bring discredit to the purposes, values or principles of the NCAA.
  • Negatively impact the best interests of intercollegiate athletics or higher education. The NCAA reserves the right to disapprove any advertiser, advertisement or other association with the NCAA or its activities that in the NCAA’s sole judgment violates the principles outlined above, which may be modified from time to time as part of the NCAA membership’s continual review of Association policies and procedures.