Updated: 12/4/2018


The following notice of the NHL’s rights to the NHL Data and Licensed NHL Marks (which notice may be updated from time to time by the Company or the NHL):

This service includes proprietary data of the NHL Entities which may only be used by individual consumers as part of this service for authorized purposes. Further reproduction, use, and distribution of such data is not permitted. The team names, logos, and team-related identifying marks are trademarks of the teams indicated. All rights reserved.

 NHL Data.  If Customer licenses any NHL Data provided to Company from the National Hockey League (the “NHL Data”), and Company agrees to grant permission to use such Data to Customer, such agreement will be confirmed in the Order Form and use of such NHL Data shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

a)        All rights and/or licenses pursuant to this Agreement shall be subject and subordinate to: (i) the NHL Constitution; (ii) the NHL By-Laws; (iii) all other rules, regulations, interpretations, procedures, policies, and resolutions of NHL; (iv) any agreement between or among NHL, its affiliates (including member clubs) and/or other parties in furtherance of NHL business or interests or as otherwise authorized directly or indirectly by the NHL Board of Governors, the NHL Commissioner, or the NHL Constitution or By-Laws; all as the same may now exist or hereafter be amended or enacted and all as they may be interpreted by the Commissioner.

b)        Company and the NHL have the unconditional right to require Customer to block the distribution of some or all of the NHL Data on a specific third party website in the event that such website promotes any of the following;

 i.         Illegal gambling

 ii.         Adult only content

 iii.         Tobacco products

 iv.         Firearms

 v.         Extreme fighting sports events (e.g. ultimate fighting, cage fighting)

 vi.         Habit forming or illegal drugs

 vii.         “900” or “976” numbers that bill the caller (e.g. sexually explicit or intimate phone services, phone services directed primarily at children)