Olympic Data must not be used, marketed or promoted in a way that in the IOC’s view suggests, creates or implies:

(a) any official or commercial association with the IOC, the Games, the OCOG or the Olympic Movement where no such association exists; or

(b) that the relevant Licensee or publication is recommended, approved or endorsed by the IOC, the Games, the OCOG or the Olympic Movement, or

(c) that the Licensee or any of its publications is or are an official source of Olympic Data.

Subject to the foregoing:

(i) third-party advertisements or promotions which feature on an editorial-content page containing Olympic Data are permitted. However, advertising should remain clearly distinct and separate to any editorial piece to avoid any undue Olympic association. In particular, no advertising or promotion may overlap, be intrusive to, or be superimposed on or with the reproduction or presentation of any Olympic Data; and

(ii) sponsorship of Olympic Data or its reproduction or presentation is not permitted, unless with the prior written authorization of the IOC.