Engage your audience with these interesting, always-changing stats based on consumption and environmental habits that our population is facing today.  

Hundreds of stats are available, such as:

  • Population Clock: Current World Population, Births, Deaths, Population Growth

  • Internet Live Stats: Internet users in the world, total number of websites, email sent, blog posts, tweets, google searches, youtube videos posed, instagram phots uploaded, google active users, facebook active users, twitter active users, Skype calls today, websites hacked today, computers sold today, smartphones sold today, tables sold today, internet traffic today, electricity used today

  • Society: Public Healthcare Expenditures, Public Education Expenditures, Public Military Expenditures, Cars, Produced, Bicycles Produced, Computers sold, New book Titles published, Newspapers circulated, TV Sets Sold Worldwide, Cellular Phones sold, Money spent of Video games.

  • Environment: Forest loss this year, land lost to soil erosion this year, CO2 emissions this year, toxic chemicals released this year

  • Food: Undernourished people in the world, overweight people in the world, obese people in the world, people who died of hunger, spending for obesity in USA, spending on weight loss in USA

  • Water: water consumed this year, deaths from water related diseases this year, people with no safe driving water

  • Energy: Energy used today, From renewable, From non-renewable, solar energy striking earth, oil pumped, oil left, days til the end of oil, gas left, days to the end of gas, coal left, days to the end of coal.